RV Aftermarket Conference

RV Aftermarket Conference Cancelled

The RV Industry Association and the Aftermarket Conference Task Force announced their decision Monday to pull the plug on the 2020 Aftermarket Conference, scheduled for mid-August in San Diego.

“As the event draws near, public health conditions surrounding COVID-19 in California have not improved as hoped. Southern California in particular is experiencing a rapid expansion in cases. The health and safety of our members and staff are our primary concern as an organization, and there are simply too many unknowns and uncertainties to safely move forward with the event as planned,” the RVIA said Monday afternoon.

Months of planning go into the Aftermarket Conference, but as the grip of COVID-19 intensified this spring and many nationwide events throughout the year were either pushed back or cancelled outright, the Aftermarket Conference Task Force crafted a plan to hold a “hybrid” conference, meaning it would strive to accommodate both those who wanted to physically attend and those who did not want to travel but still wanted to participate.

Unfortunately, California is one of the several states where the virus has gained renewed steam in recent weeks, hence the cancellation.

“For more than six months the RV Aftermarket Conference Task Force has worked diligently to add value to the conference. We want to thank them for their continued dedication on behalf of the membership and will look to redouble those efforts into making the 2021 event in Atlanta the best conference ever – and a celebration truly befitting of the 50th anniversary of the conference. In the time between, the Aftermarket Conference Task Force will be discussing how we may take proposed educational content from this year’s event and offer that up as webinars for the Aftermarket segment of the RV industry,” the RVIA said.

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