Cummins Successful in Patent Action

Columbus, Ind.-based power generation company Cummins successfully took legal action against Turbo Lab for infringement on a Cummins patent. As part of the settlement, Turbo Lab agreed Cummins’ patents were valid and infringed, and it agreed to cease and desist purchasing, making and selling any products that infringeon Cummins’ patent and to destroy any existing infringing stock it had.

At issue was Turbo Lab’s marketing and selling of turbo nozzle rings, what Cummins said is a critical component of its Holset VGT turbo.

Cummins Turbo Technologies first pioneered the variable geometry technology for the Holset VGT, used in the commercial vehicle market, in 1998.

“For more than 100 years Cummins has created dependable quality power technologies and we are committed to defending our intellectual property for the success of our customers,” said Shon Wright, vice president of Cummins Turbo Technologies. “With support from our global partners, we will continue to survey the global marketplace to ensure the company’s intellectual property is protected.”

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