Subscription FAQ

Below are frequently asked questions that pertain to magazine subscriptions.


Q. What is the difference between the printed version of the magazine and the digital version?

A. As a subscriber, you may choose to receive the printed version of the publication, the electronic digital version, or both. The printed version is a traditional printed magazine that is delivered to your mailing address by the USPS. The digital version is an enhanced electronic edition of the publication which is delivered to your designated email address.

Q. How can I tell when my subscription is going to expire?

A. When your subscription is nearing expiration, you will receive notices from us in a variety of forms, including email notices, faxes and telephone renewal opportunities.

Q. One of my magazine issues was never delivered. What should I do?

A. Your first issue will be mailed to you within eight to 10 weeks after we receive your order. Thereafter, you should receive each issue every month prior to the end of the month noted on the cover date. (For example, your June issue will arrive before the last week in June).

If an issue is missing or more than two weeks late – due to error or postal delivery problems – call or email us and we’ll extend your subscription for an extra issue. We are also able to provide a link to the digital version for immediate access.

Q. Someone in our office is no longer with us. Can I have their subscription transferred to someone else?

A. Simply call our customer service representatives at (800) 870-0904 to update your account with the new person’s contact information and relevant demographics.

Q. What do I do if I have a problem with my subscription?

A. If there is ever a problem with your subscription, please inform us by email; immediately or call (800) 870-0904. Corrective procedures will begin immediately, although some problems may take longer to resolve than others.

Q. Why do you need my email address?

A. We will send an email notification to alert you when your subscription needs to be renewed. We will also provide you with information about other relevant NBM products and events in your industry. Also digital versions of the publication can only be delivered if you provide a valid email address.

Q. Can I purchase back issues?

A. Because of limited print quantities, we do not sell back issues.


Q. Who do I send my press release to?

A. Please email all press releases to Brad Worrell.


Q: There was a great story in the most recent issue and we want our web users to read the story. How do we do this?

A: Our Custom Marketing department offers an electronic reprint (e-print) option that allows you to market being mentioned in the magazine. Please call Alison McDonald at (800) 669-0424 ext. 240 or email her to discuss our policy and fees for an electronic reprint (e-print).

Q: We were mentioned in a recent article in the magazine and we would like to use it in our marketing kits. How do we do this?

A: Please call Alison McDonald at (800) 669-0424 ext. 240 or email her to discuss our policy and fees for printed reprints.